How Crew helped Voggt scale from 4 to 60 with ease, skipping the usual ATS Implementation headaches

How Crew helped Voggt scale from 4 to 60 with ease, skipping the usual ATS Implementation headaches
About the company
Founded in 2021 by Quentin, Kevin and Lucas. Voggt is a live shopping app where people buy and sell collectibles through live auction shows. On Voggt you find high demand items such as Pokemon cards, Funko pops, comics or sneakers.

Company size
50 - 75 employees

Collectibles Marketplaces

The Challenge

How many talent acquisition managers are brought in as the first hire, right after a big fundraise, and given a task to hire 30 new profiles? We spoke to Marlène Casse who became the 4th member of the Voggt team and the first recruiter, in December 2021 and set out immediately to hire 30 profiles. Luckily, hunting top talent was not new to her as she brought with her years of experience, notably her time at Get Pro and Manpower Group, two highly regarded staffing agencies, that are known for their exceptional recruiting abilities and have earned a reputation as industry leaders.

However, this time she wanted to centralize her outbound funnel in an easy-to-use CRM without resorting to a tedious implementation of a traditional ATS, which usually requires a lot of up-front investment and most hiring managers struggle to adopt. Time was precious.

TLDR: Marlène starts a free trial of Crew, and fast-forward a few months, Voggt manages to sign 60 talents, double what they had originally planned for!

Back to the beginning, although Marlène needed simplicity in her choice of talent CRM, she couldn’t neglect either that sourcing was a team sport (or a Crew sport, some might say). Often, her founding team was in the lead of the relationship with the candidates she was sourcing, getting conversations going and tracking them collaboratively was key to nurturing this pipeline. 30 talents-to-hire is not simple, until there is Crew.

The solution

“Crew was such an easy sell to our founding team. Even those who didn’t want to spend a lot of time chasing talents, instead of building the product, found it super intuitive to get started, and to complete sourcing or follow-up sessions”
Marlène Casse, Talent Acquisition Manager @ Voggt

Before the end of year, Marlène already had her simple but effective workflow up to speed. She:

  • Kicks of the chrome extension and blocks small sourcing sprints, finding good talent on LinkedIn and adding them in just one click
  • Crew enriches these contacts in the process with phone numbers and emails
  • With a quick glance she checks if any of the info needs to be updated, right in the extension itself
  • Bonus: Sometimes Marlène notices some candidates she searches have a small tag in the Crew extension indicating they are already in the CRM - sourced by her teammates doing their own hunting
  • The team logs on to the user-friendly Crew web app to sort the most promising prospects, ready to be reached out to.
  • Marlène prepares some reach out sequences, she writes the teasers, the invitation notes and follow-up messages to ensure the people they have their eyes on get back to them
  • The team keeps tabs on conversations with a quick glance every now and then thanks to Crew’s seamless collaborative features. When the time is right, top candidates are invited with a simple gestures to interviews that the team have structured together asynchronously, with questions that needed to be asked, and score cards to be filled, within Crew.
  • Every week, Marlène navigates to Crew Analytics to check her sourcing progress, her pipeline advancement, without needing to pull any extra reports together.
“I’d say the biggest strength of Crew is that the team managed to turn a powerful product into a super easy to use one. It’s a very promising product. Oh, and can I add that the design is so pretty!”
Marlène Casse, Talent Acquisition Manager @ Voggt

The results

Finally, the team's efforts paid off as their synergy created magical results. Voggt's team was able to initiate hundreds of productive discussions with highly sought-after talent. Their exceptional business acumen allowed them to surpass their goals, and had to engage twice the number of candidates they had originally intended, and are nurturing many more for their future plans. Marlène was delighted with the ease at which the team embraced the use of Crew, and she was soon joined by Kate in the talent sourcing process. Together, they magnified the efforts Marlène had established during her initial months, scaling the momentum of this flywheel.