How Fabriq’s co-founder sold Crew to his team with just a 3 mins-Loom video

How Fabriq’s co-founder sold Crew to his team with just a 3 mins-Loom video
About the company
Founded in 2021 by Octave Lapeyronie and François Dechelette, Fabriq is the first collaborative tool in SaaS mode that supports factories in the management of daily performance and the resolution of operational problems. Their mission is to improve the autonomy and efficiency of production teams through digital and AI.

Company size
25 - 50 employees

SaaS / Cloud Services

The challenge

30 hires in 9 months is an impressive figure for any startup in 2022’s talent market conditions. Once the team at Fabriq knew of the monumental hiring task before them, it was clear that outbound would figure heavily in their talent acquisition mix. They sought a CRM solution, not a typical ATS to orchestrate all this, and Octave the CEO and co-founder found Crew but had yet to get his team onboard this approach. He thought, what if I make a 3-min video to let them see the potential of this product?

It worked so well that Fabriq instantly adopted Crew. Which is now the single-source of truth for all their recruiting leads, for the whole team. Even or incoming from a recruiting agency, an investor recommendation, or a team’s referral. To unlock the true power of the data-driven  CRM approach. The numbers speak for themselves. In this article, we share the highlights from this video, which so well encapsulates the powerful product we have been busy working on for you guys.

The solution

Let’s dive in his video’s content, to understand why it did convince his team so fast.

Visualize your talent pools together in a simple interface

Talents, Job posts, See all talents. That is the way Crew is organised that lets anyone in the team navigate simply to the information they are interested in.

Each of these categories is tagged by the useful filter. Take job posts for instance, which are neatly split by the number of candidates that are advancing through the steps, i.e. screening, interviews, closing, etc.

There’s a handy inbox that organizes all the interactions that are happening with different candidates, so your team doesn’t have to spread itself thin chasing incoming messages here and there. Bonus: if you don’t like using your mouse, there’s a handy CMD+K shortcut.

“Crew is the ultimate modern recruiting tool. From the moment I hit “Command + K” and had a command bar did appear, I knew I was in the right place”. Octave Lapeyronie, Co-Founder & Product @fabriq

Deep dive into a job opening

Octave take us to one of the running campaigns for the Head of Engineering post where he can see a simple breakdown of all the candidates sourced for this role, segmented by which source they originate in and where they are in the workflow.

Of course, no CRM truly comes alive without some automations to power it. Octave walks us through the reminders function, which is quite handy to manage relaunching prospects after a certain time period and driving up engagement. No prospect gets forgotten!

“As a founder of an early stage startup, I give a great importance to recruiting, but there are a lot of repetitive tasks that just don’t have value. Crew helped us a lot to automate those so that we have more time for what matters: create a real relationship with candidates, and interviews” Octave Lapeyronie, Co-Founder & Product @fabriq

Collaborate as a team on interview, asynchronously

Every prospect has a detailed log which retrieves the entire history of interactions with Fabriq’s people and candidates: Exchanged emails, Linkedin messages, interviews scheduled etc… Plus, there’s a handy feedback feature that allows the team to prepare questions they want to ask, to evaluate candidates, and then add these notes in the system. So that the candidate can progress in the pipeline while the team is synchronized, asynchronously.

“The Interview notes on Crew is a really great feature. It helps the team to structure interviews, stay organized, know which candidates are at which stage, how were last interviews they passed. And what needs to be done next”. Octave Lapeyronie, Co-Founder & Product @fabriq

Add your favorite leads directly from LinkedIn, or anywhere from the web

Then Octave takes us to LinkedIn where we take an example of the head of engineering post and starts searching keywords that match his target profile. A quick glance, two clicks, maybe a quick enrichment, and the candidate is added to the right campaign on Crew. The CRM magic begins, the message sequences begin, their status is updated. Bonus: every time you have a reminder a slack notification comes through.

“The Chrome extension is one of my favorite! I use it all the time, whenever I come across - or I’m sent - a great profile, 1 click, and it’s added to the CRM. Octave Lapeyronie, Co-Founder & Product @fabriq


We didn’t ask Octave to make this walkthrough, we only found out about it months later. It just goes to show the power of simplicity in recruiting operations. With this simple workflow, all Octave has to do after his quick sourcing sprints here and there is to take a quick glance at his slack for reminders, and every now and then have a look at Crew’s interface to check for updates. Just as easily, the rest of the team does the same, and before you know it Fabriq has a little talent pool getting going. Talent CRM, straight from the horse’s mouth.