How Joko boosted their sourcing efforts by involving their entire team in Crew

How Joko boosted their sourcing efforts by involving their entire team in Crew
About the company
Created in 2018 in Paris (France) by Xavier, Alexandre, and Nicolas, Joko leverages technology to help people shop smarter. It helps their users preserve their purchasing power, buy more responsibly, and save time! With the Joko app and smart browser, users can get online and in-store cashback, automatically applied coupon codes, interest-free ‘buy now pay later’ options, as well as information on their purchases’ carbon emissions.

Company size
50 - 100 employees

FinTech / Artificial Intelligence

How Joko Recruits

“Our vision for recruitment is to involve each person in the company to participate and serve as an ambassador to our talent network” explained Alarba Yatte, Talent Acquisition Specialist

Joko is a fast-growing startup with a very user-centric product that relies on a multitude of integrations with their partners in order to help their users shop smarter and save time.

They needed to recruit the best profiles, quickly and reliably, in a tough market in order to keep up with the growth of their user base. This posed a twin-challenge: how to showcase the human culture at the company while keeping processes streamlined.

Their answer: collaborative hiring!

The Challenge

Joko is quite unique in its recruitment habits. Their talent and people operations team wanted a diversified, multichannel recruitment strategy, like most of their counterparts at other startups. However, few startups go to the extent of inviting all Joko employees to join in on sourcing phases. It made sense, that’s the best way to display Joko’s renowned team culture up-front.

This is easier said than done, without the right tools. This strategy implies that prospective candidates get reached out directly by individual team members from different teams, in a highly personalised way - candidates being much more likely to engage with these reach outs and have a real team insider to pose their questions to. The same process applies to first interviews, and so on.

For the talent and people operations team, however, this was a huge headache. With all the new moving parts that this process introduces, they found that their erstwhile Google sheet planning tools were quickly breaking down. Imagine keeping a real-time track of which employee needs to reach out to whom, recording replies to these reachouts, categorising, scheduling and following up with candidates, the complexity is mind-boggling. When scaling to dozens of collaborators, and hundreds (thousands in fact) of interactions, you can imagine the job of the team member who needed to update this record all the time. Luckily, they found Crew just in time.

The solution

Joko’s talent team came across Crew and wondered if the tool could allow them to realise their vision of a human-first, qualitative and quantitative recruitment process, and where the team could take the time to personalise interactions as opposed to spending most of their efforts in managing the administrative burdens of the process.

We wanted the recruiting to be fun, both for the recruiter and the candidate. By keeping these interactions human, we aimed to create a vibrant talent pool with strong links to our internal teams. Crew was the tool we needed at the backend to allow those links to be created.
Valentine Mandon, People Operations

The results

A combined ATS and CRM

In Crew, the team at Joko found a simple interface to synergise the varying sourcing channels and automate a lot of manual workflows needed to reactivate and nurture candidates. They found a lot of value in being able to integrate their existing tools to reduce the steps in the workflow and automate time-consuming manual tasks like preventing overlaps, and relaunching non-responsive leads.

Allowing hiring managers and employees to create personal connections with a significant amount of great candidates

With Crew, anyone in the team can easily collaborate on recruitment. The team at Joko was able to seamlessly onboard stakeholders onto a simple UI, thus being able to deploy thousands of personalized reach-outs sent individually by participating team members whose interactions could easily be traced inside Crew’s CRM.

“The product has just enough features to be powerful enough, without being unnecessarily complex. We really cherish the ability to onboard our colleagues super easily, that is the secret to successfully decentralizing hiring” said Alarba Yatte, Talent Acquisition Specialist