Why the fast-growing team of HR pros at Figures, building a leading HR tool, chose Crew

Why the fast-growing team of HR pros at Figures, building a leading HR tool, chose Crew
About the company
Founded in 2020 by Virgile Raingeard and Bastien Formery, Figures is an all-in-one compensation platform updated in real-time, powering improved pay equity.

Company size
25 - 50 employees

HR / Compensation

The challenge

Figures team being composed of HR experts, possesses an unparalleled understanding of the crucial role that constructing a top-notch team plays in realizing their ambitious goals. However, as an early stage start-up with limited exposure, the talent acquisition can be challenging, requiring a significant amount of outreach efforts. Plus, In recent years, many startups have come to realize the impact that hiring managers can have on the success of these efforts, from sourcing, to outreach, to interviews, and closing. Starting from the top: Virgile Raingeard, the co-founder and CEO being one of the top users of the company on Crew. However, the complexity of recruiting tools has posed a challenge for managers to effectively use these software products to their full capacity, leading to limited contributions to the hiring efforts. This presents a major difficulty for talent teams when selecting these tools, as busy managers often resist learning yet another software product.

The talent team at Figures was then seeking a tool that would streamline their outbound hiring efforts, while being easily adopted by other teams without the need for extensive training. Which seemed almost impossible to find at first.

The solution

Enters Crew, with its user-friendly interface and ease of use, that made it the go-to choice for many early-stage startups.

“For a company that is starting up, or a small to medium startup of less than 200-250 employees, I don't see a better solution. There is almost no alternative. Other tools are way too heavy & complex to use at these stages”. Corentin Trosseille, Talent Acquisition Lead / Recruiter @ Figures.hr

Here is why it was also the natural choice for the team at Figures.

Better built for outbound reach out sequences

With teasers, sequences, and tracking replies, Crew makes it easy for your hiring managers to connect with potential candidates in a personalized way while keeping track of their responses. This streamlined approach saves time and effort, making it easier to reach a large volume of prospective candidates in order to maintain a high bar during screening.

Crew’s Chrome extension works well for quick sprints

This handy tool is especially useful for quickly reaching out to engineering and design/product profiles, and saves a lot of time by enriching profiles with phone numbers and email addresses. This makes it easy for hiring managers who can block out small blocks of time in their agenda to search and add VIP candidates to the pipeline, letting Crew’s collaborative features take over and do the processing until the candidate starts a conversation or has to come in for an interview.

Interview templates make it easy to align screening between different managers

These templates make it easy to align on your screening strategy, ensuring that all of your hiring managers are on the same page and using a consistent approach to evaluating candidates without spending hours drafting interview questions upfront.

“For the first time in my career, I didn’t have to train hiring managers to use our recruiting tool, it’s so intuitive that I just invite them and they figure out how and what they need to do”.  Corentin Trosseille, Talent Acquisition Lead / Recruiter @ Figures.hr

Scorecards and feedback recording make asynchronous hiring easy at scale

The center of Crew’s ATS-like features, these make asynchronous hiring easy at scale. With these tools, hiring managers can easily provide feedback on candidates during the interviews, and upvote or downvote candidates screened by others. This makes it easy to identify the best candidates and ensure that everyone is on the same page throughout the hiring process.

Just started out and need a quick hiring turnaround, get access to Crew today

Crew offers a range of features that make it an ideal choice for small startups looking for a streamlined and efficient recruitment solution. From its optimized reach out sequences and Chrome extension to its interview templates and scorecards and feedback recording, Crew provides a user-friendly tool that you and your operating team will find much simpler than figuring out how an ATS works.