About this site

Welcome to the official blog of Crew.
Crew is the 1st Recruiting CRM for teams. It’s your ATS + CRM + Outreach automation tool all in one place 🤩.

How it works ?

  • 🎯 Centralize candidates from all sources:
  • Active searches: add them with just 1 click from Linkedin, Twitter, Dribble, Gitbub… thanks to the powerful chrome extension.
  • Referrals: from your network, your investors, your employees, or recruiting firms
  • Job-boards: Indeed, Linkedin Jobs, AngelList...
  • 💌 Send automated (ultra) personalized messages and follow-ups (aka sequences)
  • 💨 Build stunning career pages in seconds
  • 📐 Structure your hiring processes (score-cards, interview forms…)
  • 🏀 Collaborate and decide as a team
  • 🤖 Automate your workflows
  • 🥳 Close and celebrate !

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