The Ultimate Hiring Guide

The Ultimate Hiring Guide

Welcome to the ultimate hiring guide by Crew! A guide for talent acquisition managers, new recruiters, and business leaders. This guide is designed to help you quickly learn and master the best practices of recruiting, whether you are just starting your career in talent acquisition, looking to sharpen your skills as a more experienced recruiter, or seeking ways to improve your company's recruiting process as a business leader. We understand that recruiting can be a challenging and time-consuming task, but with the strategies and tips outlined in this guide, as well as all the ready-to-use templates, you will be able to source top talent with ease and efficiency. Whether you are a recruiter, a startup founder or a manager in a larger organization, this guide is a valuable resource to help you become a recruiting expert.  

We built it based on the most modern and proven best practices, used by best startups that are well-known for hiring the greatest talent, and with the help of world-class recruiters such as:
- Charles Guillemet, who was recruiter at Gusto, then Neuralink, and now is Leadership Recruiting Manager at Meta.
- Morgane Conrad, Talent Acquisition Manager at Folk.
- Léo Bernard, co-founder at the Bootcamp T-Shaped Recruiter, and ex-Recruiter at Choco.

Before you start

🎙 Kickoff Meeting (+template)
🃏 Build your Scorecards (+template)
Build your sourcing strategy


🧿 Employee referral program


📰 Job descriptions that convert (+ examples)


🗺 Talent mapping
🔍 Talent sourcing (general)
Finding candidates on :
  - Google (X-Ray)
  - LinkedIn
  - GitHub
  - Stack Overflow
  - Dribbble
  - Twitter


📬 Find candidate's personal emails
✍️ Writing emails that get replies (+ templates)