4 tips to hire like the bests

4 tips to hire like the bests
Photo by Andy Hermawan / Unsplash

🧲 “Attracting exceptional people is a startup’s most important task outside of finding product-market fit”
I'm a huge fan of Jean-Charles Samuelian-Werve's newsletter for a while now (CEO & Co-founder at Alan), but this last piece was special!

He focused on hiring & HR. And besides the fact that it's really great (as usual), it's CRAZY how it actually describes EXACTLY Crew's value proposition. We launched Crew to help companies do each of these best practices.

1/ Always hiring mode 🌀

"You should always be recruiting. Never stop personally scouting for your next 11-star employees. Hiring and recruiting is a constant need, not something you can check off the to-do list once your key leadership is in place. You should always be recruiting – not just for the jobs that you have open right now, but for the ones that will exist next year, and the year after that" Paul English, co-founder of Kayak
"Systematic sourcing before you have a slots to fill ensures you have high-quality candidates waiting when you need them". Geoff Smart and Randy Street in their bestseller Who, The A Method for Hiring

=> Crew allows you to add talent from anywhere with just 1 click. So that you’re always only 1 click away from not forgetting this awesome person we just told you about.

2/ Build long term relationship - be so persistent it hurts 🍻

The biggest thing we did differently...is just being ok to take a really long time to hire people. I could think of five employees that Stripe had taken three or more years to recruitPatrick Collison, CEO & Co-founder at Stripe.
"The final step in the sourcing process, the one that matters more than anything else you can do, is scheduling thirty minutes on your calendar every week to nurture A Players. Call the top talent on your radar screen." Who, The A Method for Hiring
"Make no mistake - this is hard. It will require persistent and purposeful hunting to identify and close great people. It will require extreme patience and a high pain tolerance to keep roles empty for a long time." Ravi Gupta, Partner at Sequoia Capital, in his blog post about hiring.

The most effective way to hire extraordinary people is to be so persistent it hurts.
=> In Crew you can for example star your favorite leads ⭐️, and then use recurring reminders (each 3, 4 or 6 months…) to make sure you always stay top of (their) mind.

3/ Recruitment is everyone’s job 🏀

"Even if your company has the best recruiting department in the world, it’s a mindset everyone – from the CEO to the assistant office manager – should carry with them" Paul English, co-founder of Kayak

=> This is 1 of the main differences between Crew and other tools (ATS), we didn't build it for Talent Acquisition Managers only, but for the whole team. Because recruiting is now a team sport ⚽️

4/ Hire fast! ⚡️

"One rule I have for recruiting is when you first hear someone's name, a clock starts ticking. I have seven days to make her an offer letter. I have to get her name, find her, convince her to meet me" Paul English, co-founder of Kayak

=> Crew is based on 2 pillars: automation (does the job for you) and smart assistant (let’s you know where you need to focus, to make things happen - fast 💨)