What is Crew ?

Your team defines how successful your project will be. Vostok (1st flight in space), Apollo 11 (1st step on the moon), Apple, Tesla, Slack, Stripe... All dreams were made possible thanks to the hard work of incredible teams. Hiring amazing talent will set any company on the road to success. It’s the most impactful thing a leader or recruiter can do for their business.

But here is the thing: recruiting has radically changed.

‍Before, it used to be that posting a job description on your career page or a job-board was enough to attract large amounts of candidates. Back then, the challenge lied in tracking the applications to make the right hire.

Today, that's just not enough. The best candidates are hunted, they don’t need to apply for jobs anymore. Inbound recruiting is on the way out. And so modern recruiters have to double down on new methods like outbound (sourcing & cold outreach) and building partnerships. This involves more work, that is particularly tedious and manual, and more frictions from having to use a heap of different tools (ATS, email automation, spreadsheets, csv imports/exports, calendar reminders, etc). Hiring has changed, but not software.

Crew is the first All-in-one Recruiting CRM that takes into account the newest hiring methods. By removing frictions and (truly) automating your workflows, Crew powers your productivity so you can put more success into your business.

Crew helps you form your team, to reach your moon 🚀.